Deploy a Rholang contract

Deploy a Rholang source file to a validator on an existing running node. The deploy will be packaged and sent as a block to the network depending on the configuration of the validator instance.

Deploy commands

The deploy command requires the following specifications in addition to the Rholang file:

rnode --grpc-host <address of known validator> deploy --phlo-limit <value> --phlo-price <value> --private-key-path <path to encrypted private ke> <path to .rho file> --valid-after-block-number <valid-after-block>
  • --phlo-limit <arg> The amount of phlo to use for the transaction (unused phlo is refunded). Must be positive integer.
  • --phlo-price <arg> The price of phlo for this transaction in units dust/phlo. Must be positive integer.
  • --private-key-path <arg> The deployer's file with encrypted private key.
  • --valid-after-block-number <arg> At what block height your code will be active. Look this up with the command: ./rnode show-blocks Deploy a Rholang contract to a known validator Unless you are a validator in the RChain network or a private network, you will typically deploy Rholang to a known validator with the intent to add the contract to the blockchain.


./rnode --grpc-host deploy --phlo-limit 10000000000 --phlo-price 1 --private-key 0110a3b8e9de821cdb305785fed2a19f36413577b2cd4452736ddacbe0656bba 500getbal.rho --valid-after-block-number 250984

Please make shure that the --phlo-limit is not to low. Additionally put the right <valid-after-block> in (look it up with the command ./rnode show-blocks).

Storage Cost

The current cost for file store on the Rchain Mainnet is the following:

0,00004899 REV / KB cost

Which means you could deploy 20,4 MB with one REV.

The cost is measured in 10E-9 REV (10 nanoREV).

Deploy a Rholang contract to a known validator in Docker

docker run -it --rm --name rnode -v /data/rhoc-daemon-01:/var/lib/rnode rchain/rnode:latest run --bootstrap <bootstrap ID> --network-id <network> --grpc-host <address of known validator> deploy --from "0x1" --phlo-limit <value> --phlo-price <value> --private-key-path <path to encrypted private key> <path to Rholang file>

Deploy returns a DeployID

A successful deploy returns a DeployID. You can use this ID to locate your deploy in a proposed block.

For example:

Here is a deploy made from an observer node to a validating node on a testnet:

root@kelly:~# rnode --grpc-host deploy --phlo-price 10000000000 --phlo-limit 1 --private-key-path /keys tut-philosophers.rho --valid-after-block-number 250984
Password for private key file: ******
Response: Success!
DeployId is: 3045022100bbabe879eed9194ef371f312b0fa36d402409111d307a1cb01cc8c519fdb741502206051ecfcd79aad31764ab7b65ceec4c537489ea7359fc8f80472e74c819b4cb1

Once we hav the DeployID, we can locate the block containing that deploy.

root@kelly:~# rnode --grpc-host find-deploy --deploy-id 3045022100bbabe879eed9194ef371f312b0fa36d402409111d307a1cb01cc8c519fdb741502206051ecfcd79aad31764ab7b65ceec4c537489ea7359fc8f80472e74c819b4cb1
blockInfo {
blockHash: "2b7848babd7ea4bee52bd7e9990a5119a98b9482ac28e5e9b181bbf1a480d8bf"
blockSize: "35679"
blockNumber: 315
version: 1
deployCount: 2
tupleSpaceHash: "d7aa5b8e0a9a6bf1bbfd3f19715ad08996b5fdde8eb64200763a742d1f348ea7"
timestamp: 1560208996576
faultTolerance: -1.0
mainParentHash: "fb17569ab340486e2bcfb33910a87ea30f598288af2c420397f055f03b2687ec"
parentsHashList: "fb17569ab340486e2bcfb33910a87ea30f598288af2c420397f055f03b2687ec"
parentsHashList: "9100f449f0fa3501fc058eb78534545f27d79503366078033c33625636391604"
sender: "0443a5170db3ec242341864617f752a0e54d34213793b96c5708db72ce62a75e1a37af8f1dcb93b208fe807f408a30f6acd343330a5d27b3434c759ac5d231679f"

If the deploy has not yet been proposed in a block, you will receive the following:

Couldn't find block containing deploy with id:3045022100bbabe879eed9194ef371f312b0fa36d402409111d307a1cb01cc8c519fdb741502206051ecfcd79aad31764ab7b65ceec4c537489ea7359fc8f80472e74c819b4cb1

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