Run RChain network in the cloud with terraform

Your can also start a complete new Rchain network on large cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, IBM).

Start Network

You first have to download the data from: Rchain-terraform.

Inside the folder resources-tf.{network_name} (e.g. resources-tf.testnet) folder you can wipe out an existing network and reestablish a new one by running:

terraform destroy

followed by

terraform apply

This requires access to Google Cloud Engine and properly confugired gcloud and terraform.

You can run nodes instances as preemptible VMs (which are considerably cheaper) when you need to make a short test. But their availability is not guaranteed.

To run preemptible instances (default), use in

preemptible       = true
automatic_restart = false

for usual one change config to

preemptible       = false
automatic_restart = true

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