Beginners Tutorial

Written by Joshy Orndorff

In order to run the rholang snippets in this tutorial, you will need some kind of development environment. This is not an exhaustive guide to rholang development tools or stacks. Rather, it shows a few common basic development environments to get you started.

VSCode Plugin

This is the Visual Studio Code extension for the Rholang programming language. It has support for syntax highlighting and code evaluation with error highlighting. Marketplace VSCode

Rchain Cloud

Evaluate Rholang code in the cloud and test your dapp Rchain Cloud.

Local Node

Another way to run rholang code is to start up your own local RNode and use its rholang interpreter. For that rnode has to be installed. There are two modes to run rholang code locally: repl and eval With repl you can type rholang code directly into the console and execute it. With eval you are running a .rho file and execute this file.

Tutorial is here

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